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Global manufacturers compete for China's lithium battery market International well-known enterprise group unveiled at China's largest lithium battery show in August

Global manufacturers compete for China's lithium battery market International well-known enterprise group unveiled at China's largest lithium battery show in August

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           With the global acceleration of the promotion of new energy vehicles, especially China's goal of achieving 500,000 vehicles in 2015, the market for power lithium-ion batteries will maintain a high growth rate. According to industry estimates, the global lithium-ion battery market will exceed US$28 billion in 2015. The lithium-ion battery industry in China will reach 85 billion yuan. By 2017, the lithium-ion battery industry will explode by 400%.

The industry believes that this year China will be expected to surpass the United States to become the world's largest new energy vehicle market. In recent years, the global lithium battery industry's development focus has gradually shifted to China, and the Chinese market has also been favored by global manufacturers, especially Japanese and Korean companies. As a pioneer in entering the Chinese market, Japanese and Korean battery companies have increased their efforts in the Chinese market in recent years. It is understood that more than 20 Japanese companies have signed up to participate in this year's China's largest lithium power show, including Panasonic, electrical chemistry, Toyo carbon, oneA, Ernst & Young, high sand fever, Nisku, Fuji Kaimi, Ou Saka , Fleming, Dean, DIC, Mutsutech, Chang Hao and so on. In addition, international companies such as Polymerization, Layer Packaging, YM, DIAWINTECH, PNT, Jacques, Conta, ROTRONIC AG, Furman, Yazhi will also participate in the exhibition. The relevant person in charge of the Japan Pavilion Matsushita Electric and Mechanical (China) Co., Ltd. said that it will carry all kinds of batteries from one battery (non-rechargeable battery) to rechargeable battery and solar power to participate in the exhibition. These exhibits will meet the relevant application fields. Requirements for battery products. Panasonic hopes to develop more new customers through the platform of China's largest lithium power show, and continue to consolidate Panasonic's leading position in the global battery market.

At the same time that foreign giants have invested heavily in the Chinese market, in the first half of this year, dozens of leading enterprises such as BYD, Lifan, Polyfluoride and Shanshan have actively increased their business in new energy vehicles through investment and mergers and acquisitions. It is an investment in the power lithium battery project. Recently, BYD issued a fixed-issue issuance plan, which plans to use about 6.023 billion yuan of net fund-raising for the expansion of iron-powered lithium-ion batteries; Kelu Electronics injected capital into the national battery twice with 40 million yuan and 72 million yuan respectively. Lithium battery market; Zhongyu Lithium Power teamed up with Qingshan Electric to join forces to promote new energy vehicle projects.

It is worth noting that while domestic enterprises are increasing their investment cooperation, they are also becoming more active in the exhibition market. It is understood that China Putian will make its debut at this year's China's largest lithium power show, and as an opportunity, China Putian will continue to improve the layout of the battery market. According to reports, Tiankang Group, Hite Electronics, Zhongyu Lithium Battery, Zhongshan Kunchen, Tianbangda, Shanghai Haode (LG chemical lithium battery business in China's only distributor), Anhui Liba and electrolyte and additive leader Jiangsu Guotai , Juhua Group, Kangpeng Chemical, Changji Chemical, Zecheng Chemical, diaphragm enterprises Chengdu Zhitian, Tianjin Dongpu, well-known equipment manufacturers Hongbao, Xingchengjie, Huile shares, Mingruixiang, Huineng Optoelectronics, Ou Ge, Today, the international exhibition will also be unveiled at this exhibition.

Although the lithium battery market continues to heat up, challenges and opportunities coexist: on the one hand, domestic enterprises have insufficient production capacity, and only enterprises with access to the entire vehicle supply chain are less than 10 BYD, Tianjin Lishen, Shenzhen BAK, and AVIC Lithium; Enterprises still occupy obvious technical advantages, coupled with the open market of free trade, the lithium battery market is fiercely competitive. At this stage, battery companies should innovate business models and strengthen cooperation between upstream and downstream of new energy vehicle supply chains to jointly resist the impact.

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