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aa battery cost, 2.4V AA1200mAh CY NiMH battery, ni-mh battery pack rechargeable battery

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Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Ni-MH 1200mAh 2.4V rechargeable battery
  • Battery voltage:2.4V High quality ultra high capacity 2.4Vsize nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery
  • capacity : 1200mAh
  • Equipped with CYCLENPO Ni-MH batteries, 1200 times cycle life, convenient and economic
  • Light and safe with high frequent pulse transformer technology
  • Excellent function, portable and reliable
  • More than 8 hours aging test for charger, 72 hours aging test for battery, excellent quality ensured
  • Nice portable built-in folding plug
  • Prolong proper trickle charge time would get battery performance of batteries
  • CYCLENPO no memory effect, genuine capacity, mercury and cadmium free, durable and environment friendly

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